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Commentaires des utilisateurs

      I was poking around the Web looking for gift registry sites and whatnot, and found a site I liked. I've made myself a list there. This is not intended as a post to ask for gifts, but if anyone's curious, there it is. I like the site, too, so if you're looking for such a thing, I recommend it. (Basically, it works like an Amazon or other site wish list, but you can link to items from many different sites.)

      I recently came across ... I went ahead and tried setting up my own was wonderfully easy

      You can make your own web-based Christmas list... kinda nice actually, way better than an Amazon Wish List since most of the stuff I want isn't on Amazon anyway...

      We're planning to use this website for our registry:

I guess it's pretty much what you mentioned, except that your FH wouldn't have to program it. Wink Maybe the internet savvy members of your family could pass the info on to the not-savvy ones? Or you could always go retro - apparently back in the day the "registry" was just a list that got passed around among family members.
Wow! Perfect, and now my FH can work on, oh, I don't know, an adorable site dedicated to our dog.

Thanks for the tip!

      I'll join and add some friends. It beats the
commercial crap of Amazon's wish list. You may also wish to promote
the greasemonkey add-in for your site as well.

      My name is James, from Melbourne Australia.

I think this site is FANTASTIC! Exactly what i was looking for... I was going to attempt to make a site for our engagement party, but it was way over my head..

Keep up the good work, and thanks so much for providing such a great service for free. I hope you get enough people on there to get money for advertising.. I know i'll tell my mates about this site,

James Quinn

      Cute little site you have! I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do, and I pray God blesses everything you touch. Your site is real user friendly, which is great, & I love the option to print out cards to give people. Very convenient! Take care, & Happy Holidays to you and your family! Let your wife know that even though you spend hours on your computer instead of with her, you're a blessing to other peoples lives & holidays. -Josh

      But what is nice is the fact that it is free and you still find the time to answer questions. Thanks and I have already told people about the site.

      I've done a really cool letter to santa page for my sons 1st xmas. i think this is absolutely fabulous as we have friends around the country who i can email. actually this is why i am writting, i cant find the send invites button to be able to email the page/list to people. id appreciate it if you could let me know what to do. thanks for this site it brilliant and ive told everyone i know!!!
Miss Edwards

      Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

What a fantastic site, I have been looking for one but hadn't found anything decent until now!!! Your very organised and your wife is a very lucky lady, and hopefully my Hubbie will have now reason not to know what to get me for Christmas this year lol.

Thanks for all the effort you've put into this site, its so great, thank you so much.

Its very easy to use as well *thumbs up*

Thanks again, keep up the good work, and a donation will wing its way to you when I've got a few more funds in my paypal account.

Thanks :)

      This site is awesome!!!! It is so hard to not give out the same idea more than once. This way everyone can check the site and see what is still available. I love it!!!!

      Hi! I've been looking for a site such as this for a while after a friend commented that they wanted to buy an item for me from my Amazon wish list, but would prefer to buy it elsewhere. Looks like an excellent implementation, and for free -- thank you!


      What a fantastice site!! I keep adding to my list and am trying to encourage all my friends and family to make up their own and keep on adding. Thank you so much!

      I'm going to ask my family members to sign up and create their own lists for the upcoming holidays. This is a great idea!!! J Gursu 10/2005

      A friend passed the link to me - i've passed it to my husband, parents + sister already.

You've done a wonderful service to those of us connected by the internet.

Thank YOU!!!
Jennifer - 10/2005

      What an awesome idea - especially since my husband and I live in a different state than our families! Jen C 10/2005

      Thanks for a great site. I did a quick comparison of online wish lists and your's came out top. I'm a web developer myself (mainly Java),
so I appreciate the time you've put into your site. I hope your site
becomes successful. - Bjorn 10/2005

      What a great idea for friends and family. V Winnick - 10/2005

      Absolutely fantastic! We are getting married next May and this will be perfect as we didn't want to be restricted to a store wedding list. Liz - 10/2005

      our wedding list I came up with the same idea as you! Glad to see
someone has already done it. - 9/2005

      fantastically easy to use. I think the colour and styling is great and
it works well. - 9/2005

      saying what an excellent idea and a very use friendly site it is. My 7 year
old niece wants to put here birthday list on it already. - 9/2005

      Just to say even though we haven't used this site much yet, it seems just about perfect - ideal. We just can't understand how you gain
anything from it?! - 8/2005

      Hi, I just found this site through a google search for Wedding List.
It seems to be exactly what I was looking for, I'm just trying to
work out the catch! I want to use your site for my Wedding List
because I didnt want to be tied to one shop or have to pay for the
privilege of giving the shop lots of custom - 8/2005